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ATMO – GE MAPS Productivity Tools

GE MAPS is a suite of tools for modelling electricity markets. Users of this tool will know that creating inputs, running models, and getting results can be a time-consuming and stressful occupation.

Enter ATMO – a suite of tools that we’ve designed for making it easier to undertake projects using MAPS.

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MAPS is an excellent market model, but the data required for a single run can be quite daunting. When multiple runs and scenarios are put into the frame, the logistics surrounding a MAPS project can become unmanageable.

We need some tools to help us with such things as:

  • Managing data updates from various sources
  • Physically run all the years and scenarios you’re interested in; and
  • Create some nice standard reports, and be able to “drill down” into any aspect of the solution interactively.


The tools and features we’ve created include:

Builder – Has an Excel interface to the model data. Allows specification of individual “changesets” that can be used to build scenarios. Parse raw models into a friendly interface. Manage scenarios and maintain the ability to re-create any scenario run in the past. Build a new scenario from an existing one.

Run Creator – Define all the various inputs that go into a MAPS run. Allow small edits on the fly (eg change target run years).

Runner & Task Manager – Automatically run all the various parts of the MAPS run or multiple MAPS runs. Split runs over multiple processors or machines. Create standard reports. Re-do only part of a run. Email progress reports. Drop tasks into a folder and have runs start automatically.

Visualiser – Browse results interactively. Compare multiple scenarios. Join multiple run years. Auto-summarise results over different time horizons. Automatically summarise for groups and regions. View in tables or graphs. Export to Excel. Customised views. Automated reports and groups of reports. Read compressed or uncompressed h5 files.


These tools greatly improve the productivity of MAPS users while also improving the accuracy of changes and scenario creation. They also bring run results within reach of anyone in an organisation in a very user-friendly package.