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AutoScheduler – saving time and money

Warehouse management and scheduling is a vital part of cost management and customer satisfaction.

AutoScheduler is a project planner for the warehouse that starts with a customer order and ends with delivery to the customer – which is really where AutoScheduler begins!

Working back from the shipment it interrogates the system to make shipments easier to fulfil and predict problems early – do you have these products in the store; are they in the right place; in the right order.

AutoScheduler makes sure that everybody is working to a common plan and that double handling and transfer shipments are considerably reduced – saving you time and money.

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Getting products that have been ordered by your customers out to them on time and in the most efficient way is a critical component of cost management.

With multiple products for delivery to the same customer you need to make sure that the products ordered are in the right place at the right time and ready for loading.


AutoScheduler is a project planner for product storage and transport which starts with each customer order and ends when each order is delivered.


AutoScheduler has been installed at over 30 Procter & Gamble warehouse sites in the United States, Europe and China. Orbit Systems continues to provide software upgrades and system support as part of the service.

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